Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My wrapping

I am writing this post in advance because tomorrow (today by the time you read this) is mini-Christmas! The Mr. and I celebrate Christmas on our own before joining our families for the 25th. Today we'll open presents, relax all day and a make delicious dinner (boneless leg of lamp with balsamic rosemary marinade is on the "menu" this year). No blogging or work or anything of the sort :) I can't wait.

I finished up a good part of my wrapping over the last week or so, but still have a few gifts to wrap up. As I shared in my Friday Faves post last week, I wanted to use Kraft paper for presents this year. Our neice and nephew are the exception - they got printed wrapping paper with pom pom's. Here is a peak at some of the wrapped gifts I will be giving this year (sorry for the lighting...didn't get any pictures during the day on the weekend!):
Those of our friends who will be getting drinkable presents from us this year will see something like this:
I also tried to make woodgrain wrapping paper...I saw the DIY on a blog the other night...pre-computer crash...and have no idea how I found it in the first place so can't get back to the site! If this is your idea please let me know, and I will definitely give credit (although my attempt is more of a fail...).

First off you take a blog of wood and wrap string around it:
Then you brush paint all over the strings and block (*note - I wanted to use white paint like in the invisible example I'm referencing, but the $ store only had green and that was as far as I was going...)
And then you stamp!
So, this is supposed to look like wood grain. hmmm Not sure if I see it.  It certainly doesn't look like this:

via Martha Stewart (which is the only thing showing up in my google searches grr)
I'm pretty sure it's a fail on my part...I'll let you know if I change my mind when I try to use the paper! Maybe it was the size of the string, the pattern I did, the green paint...who knows.

Merry mini-Christmas to me :)


amy walters said...

Gorgeous Heather! Love the twine ones. Too cute. Happy Christmas to the Mr. and Mrs. The plans you've described sound delightful ;)

Meagan said...

Cute ideas! Hope you have a fantastic day of togetherness and zero work!

Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

These are so pretty and creative! Merry (mini) Christmas!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

What a sweet tradition for the two of you! Merry Christmas!

christine, just bella said...

So cute! I love what you've done with the yarn! Hope you enjoyed your mini-christmas together (love that idea!).

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