Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend recap

Phew...why do weekends go by so fast? If you are off today, hoorah for you! I was at work, so no extra time although I think I really could have used it this weekend.'s the little weekend run down...

Friday night the Mr. and I went to see Rick Mercer film.  It's a super, fun thing to do (that's free!) on Friday night - make sure to watch it this Tuesday, you may see the back of my head! We also went to Milagro Cantina for dinner (tasty mexican).

Saturday morning, I went all around the city- hit up Home Depot where I got a wreath (it's on my porch but needs some be a bit patient on that one), then I headed to the salon to get my hair cut - usually it doesn't take long to do my hair, but I think my stylist was slow on saturday because I was there over an hour! Luxiourious, yes...until I started stressing that I would get a parking ticket (don't worry, I was safe).

Then I trucked over to the west end to order my fabric for my chair! excited to get that project off the ground (side note: these chairs became available again...and were on sale....but I was really looking forward to having a custom project that I'm sticking with the upholstery project!). I stripped and re-stained the legs of the chair on Sunday (with help from the hubby - he held the flashlight when I was doing the second coat in the garage at 9:30 last night!). After ordering fabric, I took a quick look for Christmas party dresses (if you missed my post here, I would love that blue dress but it's sold out). I saw this one:

French Connection via  

Loving this's more expensive than I wanted (particularly after dropping $$ on chair fabric), but it's a contender...ugh I hate waiting until the last minute to buy something...on the off chance someone else will wear the SAME THING to the party!

Anyways, after the no-luck-dress-speed-shop-at-two-stores, I went to a furniture store to look at a coffee table, followed by 1 HOUR in traffic to get home (grrr...a bunch of exits / on ramps to the Gardiner were closed, which meant Lakeshore (where I was) was a nightmare, and some north/south streets were also closed due to water mains breaking). Not the best traffic luck...but it didn't end there...Saturday evening we went to Costco and then to Ikea, where I was pumped to get a few fun details for Christmas.

Sunday we had a nice breakfast (homemade waffles and bacon anyone?), hit the gym (had to after that breakfast), and spent some time outside because it was warm and nice. I stripped and re-stained the legs of the chair, and then we made a delicious dinner which included stuffed squash:
Yumm....From the new issue of LCBO's Food & Drink (available in Ontario)

Sunday night was topped off with Amazing Race, and like I said before, a couple coats of stain (and yes, we could have had them done with the re-upholstery, but we wanted to have some hands-on involvement in our project!).

Hope you all had a great (albeit maybe more relaxing weekend)!


Adding the finishing touch said...

Aside from being busy it sounds like a great weekend! I love that dress!

Ashley said...

love the dress. boo to the other one being sold out. i am contemplating this one ( now and need to pull the trigger ... the party's in two weeks!

B is building a house said...


I love that dress! I wanted to buy a very similar one from Dorothy Perkins, but it sold out in my size. Doh!


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