Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shower curtains - bright and bold, or nice and neutral?

Hi all,

I shared my tile with you the other day (and I'm still just as excited about it), but onto the next thing. We have to find a shower curtain for the shower...this is no easy feat. There are a LOT of cheesey shower curtains out there. Seriously, google image "shower curtain" or even Pinterest it, and you get a lot of cheese factor.

The last shower curtain I had won't fly (it's brown), but I ended up buying fabric and having my mom sew it  to get the length we desired (I HATE short shower curtains). That's an option, but if we can find a pre-fab one out there it will speed up the big reveal to you guys :)

Here are some options I came across on Pinterest and in my searches.

Starting with the nice and neutral:
 (a) this is a gorgeous bathroom (b) I like the classic look of the black and white. We almost went with this floor, but once we chose a modern vanity I wanted a more linear floor...ok back to the shower curtain. The border could easily be a DIY, and having the 2 shower curtains (although I was doubtful at first) could be a great way to show off beautiful tile in the shower. Image via DesignManifest

 Another black and white option - this one from Target!

Gray Ikat Chevron - WestElm via DesignSerendipity

This one reminds me of turkish towels...via WestElm

Patterned, but neutral tie-dye vibe - Shibori via WestElm

 And now for the bright and bold:
 If I decide to go for colour in my bathroom - this is the print I want! Not sure if I would go for the coral or another colour, but I love the pattern. Diane Von Furstenburg (of course) via Refinery29

 Rainforest by West Elm

This one is funny, yet not kitchy via LivingExclusive

So, what do you think? Neutral or Colour?

1 curtain or 2?


Country Chic said...

I really like the "turkish" style one for the neutral look or if you want colour the coral one is my fav.

Amy Walters said...

I've always loved a good striped shower curtain, but ikat chevron could be quite fun in a neutral space. So many decisions!

charmaine said...

Neutral all the way!

Tiffany said...

I really like neutral. That first look is so classic.

Amelia @ House Pretty said...

I'm a sucker for neutrals, so that gets my vote. I'm less likely to tire of a neutral, which is nice if you've splurged a little on your shower curtain (we recently bought one of the Belgian linen shower curtains from Restoration Hardware and it was worth every penny!).

designchic said...

I love the look of the brights, but for everyday living, I'm such a fan of neutrals!

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