Monday, August 12, 2013

Project Baby Room - before that the flooring is done it's time to get moving on Project Baby Room! I intended to post this post a million years ago...before the flooring project...but then life (and flooring) got in the way so here we are (our progress on the baby's room in those million years has been null). Like many other people, this project could easily be named Project-get-rid-of-all-of-our-junk.

The baby will be taking over the room that we used to use as our office. To be honest, the only time we used it as an office was when we were working from home (and not working at the dining table). Overall it provides extra storage for my clothes and shoes, some books, university textbooks (ha!) and an old computer (we both have laptops that we use day to day).

Here's a picture in all its beauty:

In a word: Messy.

This is not how it was day to day when we had it as an office, but more of a transition photo where we are getting ready to get rid of stuff.

The Mr. sold the desk and the chair via Craigslist in less than 24 hours. He has a real knack for posting things at the right price and the right time (sort of like when he sold our window A/C unit last year in the height of a heat wave...Sales 101).

Now we need to figure out what goes IN here. And there comes the fun, and the challenge. We will be leaving the wall colour as is, which is a greeny-gray colour, and we have some unique challenges along that back wall with the radiator, the window with no room for curtains on either side, and the angled closet. At least it's all on one wall so we can make full use of the other walls. And, as a reminder, we don't know whether this little human is a boy or a girl, so gender neutral territory is where we're heading.

We currently have a dresser/change table, crib, and glider (to be made over...) Do you have any "must haves" or key tips for the baby room (or babies in general...let's get serious I'll take all I can get!)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have the necessary items change table crib and rocker. One thing that we really use a lot (not so much at first) is book shelves. We used the ikea spice racks that everyone uses and hung them low (3 under a bay window). Our son, now 16 months loves picking out books for us to read together. looking forward to seeing the finished room.

crabigail said...

Storage, storage, storage! Agree on bookshelves, we initially didn't have bookshelves, and that was a mistake. But you need tons of storage, there is so much stuff that you accumulate, and quickly!

Maybe not so much advice on what you need, but maybe on what you don't need right away - we hardly spend any time in the baby room now - we just go in there to change him and get him dressed. Until they are sleeping in there or playing, you probably won't spend much time in there. So don't feel like you have to have all this furniture and stuff as soon as they baby arrives!

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

I think what you need probably changes as the baby grows.

Storage - I agree you need lots of this, but you need lots of easily accessible storage. i.e. if the baby is on the change table, you want to be able to keep your hand on him/her and reach to get the onesie/diaper/etc. We NEVER use our closet for that reason except for long term storage.

A table near the glider. For water/laptop/books etc. We have a lamp there too but I never turn it on (because unless your baby is having weight issues, in the middle of the night you don't want to wake him or her too much! Just the glow of the laptop showing every episode of Lost was enough :-)

A mirror over the change table - Luca loves it.

That's it - like a pp said, we don't 'play' in the nursery. We (used to) feed/change/rock and sleep. And stories. So books, glider, crib and change table. That's it :-)

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