Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Coffee table conundrum - SOLVED!

Exciting news, my friends. I FOUND a coffee table this weekend. One that will work and replace our old rickety one!

The funniest part of it is that I litterally found it...in my basement...

I've had it for the last couple of years (at least...) and when we originally got it I had planned to turn it into a bench for our guest room like the one I made for our master)...but then we redid our bathroom and stole 20" from the guest room...which wouldn't leave enough room for a bench. At the time I didn't think the table would work as a coffee table because it didn't have storage / a shelf. However...since Owen has started motoring around, pawing at everything, and deciding his favourite toy is anything that is NOT a toy, I've realized (and thanks to your comments on this post) that I won't be able to store things out in the open much longer anyways.

So, the plan is to get some foam, some batting, and some fabric and upholster it ASAP. A few comments said not to have an upholstered coffee table if we like putting our feet up on it...we do, but I'm not too worried about the fabric - if it gets grimy (which I'm sure it will with Owen pawing it every day), we can just recover it in a year.

I went to Tonic Living today and picked out some fabric samples - here are some contenders:

Secret Gate - Pewter from Tonic Living


A New Twist - Caviar from Tonic Living

Centro - Mist from Tonic Living

Leda Peony, Midnight

Leda Peony - Midnight from Tonic Living

Any favourites? I know which one is leading the way for me...


Linds said...

I love the first two! Although, maybe the last one might be better for hiding dirt and stains?

crabigail said...

Leda Peony is my fave!

EJ @ Not A House, But A Home said...

I used an upholstered ottoman with a tray on top as a coffee table for two years and LOVED it. Now we're using a regular coffee table and it's not as cosy and it's hard on my feet :(

In terms of fabric, I'm a big fan of the first (Secret Gate) and last one (Leda Peony)!

Shannon said...

The dark blue and gold caught my eye! Pretty!

Dayna@Inspiration for Decor said...

A New Twist-Caviar is an indoor/outdoor fabric and would probably be the most durable. I've used it before (for a window seat bench cushion) and it holds up very well, especially with sticky hands and spills! Looking forward to seeing your project.

Stephanie Fazio (aka lealou) said...

Leda Peony!

Steph said...

Hands down peony!

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