Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Guest Post | Taking a dip (Barbara from Hodge Podge)

Today I am thrilled to have a guest post from Barbara at HodgePodge. Barbara is the blog maven behind the "So Canadian, Eh?" series that is oh so successful (and that I was honoured to be included in). She is also a master sewer, DIYer extroadinaire, and busy west coast mom. If you don't know Barbara yet I highly recommend a visit to her blog.

Hello everyone. So glad Heather trusted me with her blog  while she is on vacation. She gave me carte blanche to write about anything I want! Brave girl :)
So what shall I humour you with? I think I'll talk about what I see as being the next rage around blogland, heck I am even going to try my hand at it since I LOVE me a great DIY!
 Dipped furniture and fabric!
There is something so whimsical and fun about it. You can dip just about anything. Table legs, chair legs, baskets, drapes, even clothes!

I LOVE the drapes and I have a few pairs of those Ikea drapes kicking around my house. And I have a set of knock-off Bentwood chairs that are getting the dipped treatment too.
Anyone else out there try their hand at dipping? I can see it becoming addictive!
Thanks for having me here Heather. Hope you are having a great vacation!


Linda said...

Can't say I have dipped anything yet.
Hmmm love the baskets.

Unknown said...

I love this trend.. could I commit to painting legs of furniture? Maybe not but I love those baskets!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of leaving the legs wooden and then being able to one day paint them to match if I no longer like the look!

Tiffany Leigh said...

Dipped furniture legs are so cute! I think they would be especially perfect in a kids room because, like you pointed out Barbara, they are so fun and whimsical!

Unknown said...

I’d heard of the dipped furniture trend (which I am so going to try after seeing these fabulous examples) but I must be living under a rock because I haven’t seen the dipped clothing trend! Now this is something I need in my life ASAP!

Tim said...

I was just thinking about dipping the legs of a vintage chair into minty green the other day! Great inspirational ideas here Heather! Thanks for having Barb on a fun and super on trend topic!

Adding the finishing touch said...

Wow I love this! Great idea!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Love it! The curtains are especially appealing.

Barbara Matson said...

Thanks for having me Heather - it was fun to find other dipped finds to share!

Unknown said...

Anything Barbara does is a winner! Love gold dipped legs on things lately.

Samantha said...

Ooo, gold dipped. So pretty.

I have been dipping a number of fabric things using Tulip One Step tie dye, which is a little easier than regular dye.

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