Friday, August 10, 2012

Guest Post | Would you wear your rug? (Lindsey from Recreated)

We have another fabulous guest poster here today! Lindsey from Recreated is popping over for a visit and sharing her interpretations of how fashion inspires decor (and vice versa!). Lindsey has a great eye for fashion and is always wearing an outfit I want to steal when I see her. She's also a very talented re-upholsterer. I recommend checking out her blog if you haven't already for regular decor, fashion, and furniture inspiration!
Hello all! Lindsey here from Recreated. I'm happy to be here today visiting Interior Groupie for one of my favourite blogger peeps Heather while she is taking a well deserved vacation. I'm a big believer that design/decor for your home inspires your wardrobe and vice-versa. You don't often find someone with very classic/refined home decor but with a very eclectic wardrobe...your personal style generally tends to follow you in all aspects of your life. Today I've put together some examples of where different flooring options inspire an outfit....hmm, or maybe the other way around.
The bright pops of coral and pink in this combo just make me smile....
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Hmm, some stripey grey than dress.
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Holy herringbone....someday I will own a home that has herringbone hardwood floors. They look so freakin' fab.
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Ok so I chose the outfit photo below not just because it had the lovely teal and yellow from the rug, but also because that model looks an awful lot like the gorge Miss Interior Groupie herself, no? Hello, doppelganger. Does anyone else see it?
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I enjoy a pretty tile, and the colour combo of this one is unexpected and lovely.....and that burgundy leather skirt makes me weak in the knees.
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Thanks, Heather for having me! Happy to come by and visit any time!


Nicole said...

The lady in teal and yellow definitely looks like Heather! It's uncanny!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

That is so fun. I've never seen outfits compared to flooring but why not?!

city said...

thanks for posting.

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