Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday faves - coloured pencils

I'm writing this in advance because last night was the IDS2013 gala...I'm sure that I had a great time and won't be writing a blog post at 7am the morning following...but I did have something fun to share so I decided to schedule it in advance to share the love.

Without further ado - happy Friday (as I'm writing this I WISH it was Friday already...I'm positive "present" me is glad it's finally here). 

Sometimes the stuff at Anthropologie just isn't me...I'm more profesh then hippie, and given that I work 5 days a week as a Corporate-Connie most of my closet leans towards work clothes. I am on Anthro's email list because I like their pretty stuff, and this week's email about pencil skirts GOT ME. Love these and am definitely digging all the colour.

And with that I bid adieu; Happy weekend all!


Amy Walters said...

Oh I love the Brocade skirt in Mint. And, I really like what it was paired with. Navy tee and Yellow Cardigan. So cute.

Happy Weekend, Heather!

Catherine Alison Interiors said...

Lovely skirts. Is profesh a short form for professional? I've never heard of that word before.


Tess said...

I need it all. My closet is in DESPERATE need for an overhall. I need new shapes, colors, patterns, designs, and this post has been itching for a shopping spree.

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