Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bathroom vanity options

With our  bathroom reno, we are crossing our fingers and hoping that we can get a double vanity. Seriously, after a pedestal sink for 3 years in a tight space, any vanity would be great...a double vanity would be complete luxury. As you can tell from my last post, I'm thinking a black and white (and in between) colour scheme for the new bathroom.

I've started looking for vanities, mainly from big box stores. I know that we could get custom, but I figured we might as well see what we can find pre-made and then decide what to do.

Hutton Double Vanity via Restoration Hardware
Really nice right? Also really expensive (would go custom instead)

Pretty much an exact copy (with hardwood construction and soft close drawers and cabinets):
What about this one? looks pretty much exactly the same...and is litterally half the price.
Studio Bathe Kalize via

Mirrors and shipping included, hardwood solid construction, $1599.99. I pretty much fell off my chair when I saw this was from Costco. And costco.CA at that! Unfortunately it measures 62.5" wide so it is sadly too big for our space...but if you're in the market it's a great option (worth the $50 Costco membership, that's for sure!)

Chesapeake via
I am liking the idea of a black could be solid in the space, and we'll likely be going with white tile for the bath so it could be a nice contrast. I am not crazy about the granite on this piece, but for the price it might be worth it to buy it and put a different slab on it.

Naples 60" vanity via Home Depot Canada

This one comes top-less, but I like the style of it. I think however I prefer the vanities with open space at the bottom (always important in a tiny space).

A small issue with all of these is that they are returns, but would have to rent a truck to bring it back if we didn't like it. Most of the stores do not carry them in stock so it's hard to know what the quality will be until you see it. We stopped in at Lowes and Home Depot and both seem to offer fairly good quality. Rona on the other hand was a no - all the display models were chipping and/or not made well.

What do you think of these options? Any suggestions for where else we should check for vanities? What about other bathroom fixtures, like tubs, faucets, etc?


LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Nice choices! My preference of those is actually the Home Depot one! It looks a little more custom than the others. I also like that it is topless (haha) so that you can select your own counter.

The counters that come with the Costco vanities are nice but are quite thin. That would be my only complaint.

I'd also get at least one custom quote so you can compare the prices. We had ours made by Jesse at Lumsden Custom Cabinetry and were super happy with it. If you have an odd sized space it might be worth it.

One last thing - the first costco vanity you picked - the manufacturer actually has a showroom in Markham so you might be able to go check it out!

Kelly @ A Swell Place to Dwell said...

What about Ikea? They have black vanities that can have a variety of sink options - I think they have double or more of a trough type with 2 faucets. Or maybe you aren't going for something so modern?

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

PS - the Home Depot price is fantastic! Oh and open space beneath the vanity just gives you more spaces to clean haha

Amelia said...

My favourite is the Home Depot too - I like that it has feet, but that it isn't open underneath. Like Janice said, just harder to clean! I'd be interested to hear how custom prices compare if you go down that route. Good luck with your search!

Anna said...

I have the one from Costco after seeing this bathroom it gave me the push I needed.

We bought ours through costco and the customer service was amazing.

Homedepot and Rona didn't have many options like this last year when we were looking. Rona also has a nice one now (

Adding a top and sink to the less expensive HD vanity may make it the most expensive option.

Country Chic said...

Take a look in Kijiji, we did some searching and there are some local stores in the Toronto area that have over stock items they are selling. We were surprised at some of the good pricing and quality of vanities available.

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Too bad the costco one doesn't work. I'm a member of a designer forum and recently a bunch of members were talking about how great that vanity is. Just go to Ginger's. They'll have what you want:))

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