Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Flooring vs. Bathroom

Remember my 2013 goals? I said that we wanted to do flooring and a bathroom reno. BIG projects. Our plan was to do flooring first...we went and got samples, negotiated pricing, met with an installer. And then, one day at the gym, the Mr. had the ah-ha moment. He said...What renos do you get your money back on in a house sale? Kitchens and Bathrooms...so why don't we do the bathroom first?

Since we will be moving a wall, we are going to have to cut into flooring anyways. And our flooring right now is liveable...whereas our little bathroom with a pedestal sink and no vanity is not the most enjoyable space.

So...that means...bathroom reno!! Woo hoo! We have another full bath in our basement (it's scary, but useable) so we won't be totally out of commission.

To give you a sense of our current bathroom space, here's a shot from one of our pre-posession house visits:
Obviously we got rid of the mint green, doily curtain, and put up a shower curtain...but we still have the same ugly floor tile and the same SMALL size. 

To pique your interest here's some of the bathroom pretty I've been collecting:



Enter...reno. :) It will be messy, and long, but soooo worth it when we can stop bonking heads as we're brushing our teeth at night. Now the decision is - do we hire someone to do the general oversight, or do we do that part ourselves? We have an electrician (to re-wire the switches once the wall is moved), HVAC guy (to move/replace the rad), and the only plumbing change is moving the sink back. We could hire someone to do the tile and the drywalling. What do you think?


Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Bathroom reno! Woohoo! I have the same tiny Toronto bathroom. Yours is going to look great!

Hmmm, coordination of a bathroom reno isn't too difficult especially if you aren't moving the fixtures. Contractors will also prefer to use their own subs for plumbing, electrical etc. as its easier for scheduling. They might also be hesitant to take on a job in stages (e.g. having tiling and drywall come back in once you've had electrical and HVAC there). Maybe get a few quotes and see if its worth it? Using a contractor can make the job go much faster than coordinating all the different trades on your own, so that's something to consider too. Good luck!

Designwali said...

i'm lazy so I would just for one contractor to speed things along. But i would definitely make my wants and expectations known. Ooh love pic #3!

LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Fun!! We have gone both ways with renos - when we did the basement we organized electrical on our own (J knows a guy) and it was mostly okay. However when we did the master bath we had the contractor organize it all and it was WAY better and faster. Maybe a bit more expensive but since it was such an important space, we wanted it done well and FAST.

So having done both, I'd have the contractor do it all. Plus they will have subtrades that they are comfortable working with which can make the process go smoothly.

Have fun!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I love where you're going with this. Makes really good sense to do the bathroom first. Smart man you've got there.

lfeather said...

Hi Heather,

Could I get the name of your HVAC guy - we are looking to remove and replace our rad in the bathroom and would love to use someone that I know is realiable and knows what they are doing.


Shannon said...

Love that black vanity! I have to seriously get on painting mine black!

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