Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bathroom update - the demo!

Ok...first off, there is snow on the ground. In Toronto, in April. Less than a week from my birthday. Not cool Mama Nature, not cool. It felt like we skipped spring and fast forwarded to december. Without the Christmas pretty. Bleck....

Onto other things...things that will make my bathroom oh so pretty - DEMO.

This bathroom reno is the first real "reno" we are doing to our house. Don't get me wrong, we have done a lot (A LOT) of work to our house since moving in: painting top to bottom, re-wiring, new boiler, a/c, new closet, and a kitchen uplift.

But besides the closet, we haven't done any other demo. We certainly haven't done any demo that includes a bin.

We can now scratch that off the rookie list!
The bin arrived at 7:30am on Saturday and the Mr. spent a solid 10 hours on Saturday demo'ing the bathroom, while I ran around picking up our tub, vanity, mirrors, etc. We could have had delivery but it didn't work with our schedule so pick-up it was.

Plus, I got the surprise of the guy at the pick-up desk who said "Ok you're picking up a tub and vanity...{looks at me} Are you here on your own? Yes. {looks at me again} What kind of car do you drive???"  I wish I could have been swift enough to joke that I had a Honda Civic with me or something but I had to tell him the truth that I had a cargo van (thank god for Autoshare).

After all the Mr's hard work and some timely help from his cousin towards the end of the day, we had a lot of dust (and a lot of it contained within plastic!) and this:

Our new bathroom!!

OK, space for our new bathroom. I think it's all very exciting. The Mr is a little freaked out about how it is going to be put back together, but I just keep on reassuring him that's why we hired some folks to put it back together for us. (Easier to day since i didn't rip it apart. Let's hope i'm right on this one). In terms of our plan for the work, we have a plumber, electrician, and "finisher" coming in (tile, drywall, etc) so I think we will be in good shape. If the plumber can make everything happen with the radiator pipes and sink moving we should be good (fingers crossed).
 Oh yah...and as a tip...when demo'ing a tile floor on a floor above another's probably best practice to remove light fixtures, or else this can happen:


Kelly @ A Swell Place to Dwell said...

YAY for demo....get some frustration out with a sledgehammer. I would have NEVER thought to remove the light on the floor below...thanks for that tip! Excited to see how your bathroom turns out.

Lindsey Gerrish said...

Oh no! Your poor light fixture. But LOVE that your new fab bathroom is underway!

Laura Genorio said...

Hey Heather - awesome blog!! I'm really excited for your amazing bathroom-to-be... The extra space you pulled from the bedroom is going to make such an impact! Look forward to reading more!

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