Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Genevieve wins

Tonight I pick Genevieve! I watched both Dear Genevieve and Sarah101 and was more impressed by Genevieve.

First I'll talk 101 - it was a good episode, a laundry room re-do. I liked how it turned out, nice and clean looking. I guess I just have so many "major" projects to do at my own home that a laundry room didn't hold my interest. Granted, I would like to redo (or should I say "do") my laundry room but in reality it is wayyyyyy down on the priority list. It works, and that's about all we need from it right now!  That being said, this episode was entertaining with some good banter between Sarah and Tommy. The "button art" that she threw in at the end is cute (litterally buttons glued onto paper and then framed...smart, cheap, sharp!).  Their option to use a vanity instead of more expensive cupboards was a clever way to keep things within budget, and the flooring added a nice punch of colour.

Onto Genevieve...she was working with mission impossible - a 300sq ft apartment where 2 (yes 2) people lived! I love how she scooped up a vintage console table from the curb and used it as a bar. And her storage solution for these two girls was genius - she installed pull out cupboards (like kitchen pantry cupboards that I would love to have) for closet space.  I liked the inspiration she took from middle-eastern type fabrics and items (ikat striped flooring that she put in a chevron pattern, and the cutest little side tables that she used in a 3-foot high loft beside the bed).  The clients in this case were 2 girls from her design team, so I think that she knew what they liked/didn't like but they looked ecstatic with the result.

I know I've said this before but I like her designs because they are really liveable, not just designing to be designy.


Tess said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

And your blog is AMAZING! I love interior design blogs, so you can consider me your newest stalker! Ha!

And I'm totally with you on Genevieve - I'm a big fan of her liviable atlye and always find her looks very inspirational.

Let's stay in touch for sure, I'm leaving so Spain (like you know) but I'll be back in a few weeks and we'll touch base again! xoxo

emily said...

I always get super jealous when I read your recaps!

modern jane said...

I DVRd last night! I can't wait to watch them.. I've been loving Genevieve lately too:)

Calmly Chaotic said...

I didn't watch Sarah 101 but I did watch Dear G and I always love her work - seems much more livable than Sarah's designs and doesn't hurt my eyes like Sarah's do!

amy walters said...

Lovely laundry room - so pretty ;)

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