Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Special

Yesterday we hosted a brunch with some great friends. It was a nice way to get together and still have most of the day ahead of you.  I didn't take any photos because we were just enjoying ourselves too much, but I thought I would share some of the good eats we had.  Friends brought delicious muffins and a great variety of fruit. We had lattes and mimosas made to order, courtesy of the Mr's great bartending skills. I made scones - some were blueberry and some cheddar/rosemary, both from this recipe. They are quite straightforward and are great standby's!

For the "mains" I made a frittata based on a recipe from Chatelaine. I adapted it to omit the ham so we could have a vegetarian option.

The piece de resistance was this:
Picture of Green Eggs and Ham Recipe

These are delicious -- essentially fancy bacon and eggs in self contained cups. What gets better than that?  We originally had these at a friend's when she hosted us for brunch. She has cyliac desease so this recipe worked well for her. She has a website with a ton of gluten free options - see Katie's Kitchen for more information!

I seem to be posting a day behind lately, but it seems like the only way to keep up!

Happy Monday everyone.


Elizabeth said...

Wow, it all sounds so delicious. I think I might have to steal your scone recipes. Thanks for sharing!

amy walters said...

I love Frittata's - anything with eggs really. Thanks for the yummy recipe ;)

Calmly Chaotic said...

Brunch sounds so good right now! Especially the mimosas!

carolyn. tilly | maison said...

so funny! i made similar egg cups for sunday brunch too! i added a bit of sour cream and goat cheese to each. SO GOOD.

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