Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rain boots as indoor shoes?

Remember in elementary school how you had outdoor and indoor shoes?  (...and many other great things like cubby holes, nap time, and water and sand play tables. Oh, and finger paint).

Well, my outdoor wellies almost became my indoor shoes tonight. Here's the story...I was making dinner and needed an onion, so down to cold storage I went. When I reached for an onion, I also heard a splash and got a soaker. UGH. Water in our cold stoarge area. 2 puddles to be exact.

I tried to decipher wher the water came from - not from above (which is good), but apparently down the wall. We had some torrential downpours today in Toronto, so seeing as we haven't had this problem before we think it was a matter of too much rain in a short time. Regarless, it will require some sleuthing and some repairing.

Think dry thoughts for me please??

The irony in this whole story is that I thought someone stole my rainboots at the gym tonight. I know it sounds crazy, but it's this weird fear that I have that someone will walk off with my shoes. So, I'm changing after my workout and my rainboots are no where to be found...I search all the empty lockers, under all the benches, etc. etc...then I go to the front desk to report my missing boots, and the girl asks me if I checked the change room. Umm...yes, of course I did. So, I make my way back to the change room and on the way in I find them (hallelujah!) - in the very front sub-section of the change room to the side of a bench. Apparently the cleaners move them (to the other end of the change room) if they are a tripping hazard in another area.  What?

Turns out I didn't need the rainboots indoors in the end (thankfully).  With all the rain we had I am happy to have them back, I just hope hope hope that they will never become my indoor shoes!

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Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Those old TO homes don't like torrential rain. We've had that problem in the past. Glad you found your rain boots:)

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