Tuesday, June 7, 2011

7 things you never knew

I was awarded a blog award last week by the fabulous Barbara over at Hodge Podge (thank you!). Among other things,  she is a master seamstress, a thrifty antique hunter, and a fantastic blogger.

I am sure most of you have seen this somewhere or another -- but the way it goes is that I am supposed to share 7 things about myself, and then share 7 blogs that I enjoy. Here goes...

1. I get the most random songs stuck in my head. This was most obvious travelling through SE Asia with a friend after uni, where we didn't hear english music for a solid three months, but I would still end up with songs like "She'll be coming around the mountain..." in my head for hours at a time.

2. I don't think I could ever give up carbs. I love food, and love to eat. And thankfully enjoy working out and staying in shape :)

3. I have always been a bit indecisive. My childhood aspirations included actress (that was a long standing one), interior designer (tried to get a co-op placement in high school but it didn't pan out), and bagel-maker (ok so this wasn't so much an aspiration as my actual first part time job - see carb addiction above). My "real" job is doing HR for an engineering company.

4. I love love love travelling. There is nothing like it. It started simply enough, going to South Carolina every year since I was a wee tot (litterally, 1 year old) with my family. I have now covered a fair bit of ground in the US, Canada, and abroad. It's too hard to name favourites, but I adore SE Asia and Hawaii, and have been to New Zealand, Australia, and much of western Europe.
Kho Phi Phi, Thailand

Hoi An, Vietnam

Mirror Lake, New Zealand

Kauai, Hawaii

5. Although I travel quite frequently I still get really excited to go on planes. Maybe it's because my first flight wasn't until I was about 17, but I still get excited to fly.

6. I am clueless when it comes to dealing with animals.

7. I had no idea how much work blogging was when I started this blog. Funny, but true. It does take effort, and to get an award for it is so nice. Thanks again Barbara!

Here are my 7 blogs that I want to share - some are new to me, and some are old favourites (a lot of my favourites have already received the award so I am trying to pick fresh ones):


Tiffany said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the award! Im so excited! You have been to some beautiful places! And I wouldn't sacrifice carbs for anything either! Thanks again!

Designwali said...

great post!

amy walters said...

Love your post Heather - as per usual ;) And love your "random thoughts" and songs! Can def. relate. I'm always breaking out into song!

Thank you so much for the shout out as one of your 7 blogs ;) You're too sweet. I'm totally blushing right now! Good night!


Kelly said...

I love hearing the seven things about bloggers I read! Thanks for sharing, and congrats on your award!

Camille said...

Heather, thank you so much! What a nice honor.
Camille @ The Vintique Object

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

You definitely deserve the award because you have a great blog but I also love to learn more about my favourite bloggers.

emily said...

Congrats on the award -- you deserve it! And I am with you -- love carbs!

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