Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wandering decor - Part II

To start: GO CANUCKS. Can you puh-lease get it together and continue your home game streak, and eek out a win (a landslide win, in your favour for once this series, would also be acceptable).

Now, back to the regular programming :)

To continue from yesterday's post of some of the inspiring finds I came across on Friday afternoon, here are some more exciting stores and pieces:

Ab-so-lutely is a cute store with a couple of locations in the Summerhill/Rosedale corridor. The store has great pieces to use as accessories and is a good place to go to find that something to finish off a vignette or display.

I loved this whole vignette, but what truly caught my eye were these dishes:
Thse arejJust porcelain dishes, but I love the detail on the edge and they were $16. FOR A SET. 2 plates and 2 bowl-plates. Ridiculous!  I am on constant look-out for bowl-plates as we didn't get them with our china (ridiculously expensive) and don't have any with our daily dishes. They are such useful pieces, but I would ideally like some with a pattern. The search continues, but if anyone needs taupe coloured dishes, this is a deal and a half!
Beautiful glass spheres - I actually meant to take a closer look at these but was promptly distracted by the afore-mentioned dishes. I think these spheres would look great in a long tray - a perfect update for those wicker-type-balls that many people have.

This frame is just fantastic. Corally-orange and chevron? Enough said.

I didn't find as many "feature" items at other stores, but here were some highlights:
Giraffe at 1212 - Wouldn't this be adorable in a nursery? I thought so too, but the pricetag didn't agree with my wallet ($179 or something like that for a porcelain / ceramic giraffe is a bit steep for me).

Nice cowhide stool - also from 1212. I was at Tandy Leather Factory this weekend and they sell cowhide remnants which I thought would be PERFECT for a DIY stool or chair seat covering...hopefully I will find an opportunity to do that in the near future!

How cool is this store? This was an exciting place to walk into. They had a bit of everything - clothes, maternity clothes, accessories, and home stuff. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of it! It's across the street from the LCBO at Summerhill but unfortunately the name escapes me.

These last two photos were taken on the 2nd floor of Decorum Decorative Finds

As you can tell, it was a pretty exciting Friday afternoon!  What did I end up with, you ask? Well, I didn't leave empty handed but the items I bought aren't groundbreaking. I bought biscuit cutters (I know, really boring right?? But I saw them, remembered I needed them for when I make buttertarts, and picked them up). I also bought 2 lion soup terrines for french onion soup, or for displaying accessories - they were on sale and I couldn't resist!


Kerry said...

Ummm... love that picture frame but especially love that giraffe! So awesome!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

Such a fun shopping trip - I miss Toronto! What is behind those chairs in the "store-across-from-the-lcbo" ? Is that a painted sideboard? It's too cool!

emily said...

That mirror is amazing! Looks like such a fun shopping trip -- so many wonderful things!

amy walters said...

Love those vintage finds ;) The chairs - um sort of amazing!

Tobe | Because It's Awesome said... head would explode as soon as i walked into that place!!! i especially need that giant R signage.....

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