Friday, June 14, 2013

Off the clock

In less than 24 hours we will be on vacation...can't wait for some time away to relax, refresh, and have fun!

There will be some of this:

Some snorkle...

And some of this...
Replace this with pastier white skin, and a pregnant belly and you'll have me!

See you once I'm back!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bathroom Reveal!

Yes folks, it's time for the goods...

About a week ago (or two? honestly time is flying and I'm pretty sure May only lasted a day or two, so you can't rely on me for accruate time estimates) - our bathroom became functional! If you follow on twitter / instagram you know that we were waiting for glass to be installed at the end of the shower. Sort of important for us to (a) have a shower curtain and (b) actually be able to use the shower!  Well, it got installed and my first shower in there was glorious (and continues to be).

Here's the final product:

If you remember (I don't want to remember), this is what it looked like before:
Lovely peach-brown floor tile, 5' wide in all its glory. Check out my previous posts for demo, and progress here and here.

Those 20" that we moved the wall into the guest room REALLY pay off, don't you think?

And now, more pretty...

The shower feels amazing - so big and light filled with the glass at one end, and the tile all the way to the ceiling (or maybe it was the fact that we were starting to get used to our basement bathroom...where the shower head is mounted only about 5'5" high!)

We still have some functional / style elements to add (like a towel rack - can someone please tell me where to get a chrome, multi-arm swiveling towel rack??), but overall the big work in the bathroom is over and we are back in business! 

Tile (floor and wall tile): The Tile Store
Vanity, faucets, tub, tub fixtures (excluding shower head): Tubs
Mirrors, lighting: Lowes
Shower head, toilet paper holder: Home Depot
Shower curtain: Home Outfitters
Paint: Benjamin Moore PaperWhite (OC-55)
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