House Tour

Welcome to my house tour! I have linked some sections to the full posts if you are looking for more information (sources, projects, etc.). If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact me. Enjoy!

Master Bedroom - Before:

Master Bedroom - After:
Our Master Bedroom projects: Closet, headboard, bench, lamps, night tables, curtains
Guest Bedroom - Before:

Guest Bedroom - After:
Our Guest bedroom projects: side tables

Office - Before:

Office - After:
As you can tell, we have not done a lot with the office...on the to-do list of course!
Bathroom - Before:

Bathroom - After:

Entry - Before:
note the lovely glass blocks...

Entry - After:
note the lovely mirror hiding the glass blocks...
Living Room - Before:

Living Room after:
Our living room projects: Gallery wall, map, radiator covers (throughout the house). The living room furniture is on "The List" for 2012!
Dining Room - Before: 

Dining Room - After:
Our dining room project: bar cabinet

Kitchen - Before:
(PS - all these photos are from a pre-possession house visit...not our mess)

Kitchen - After:
You can read more about my kitchen in these posts (and additional posts under the "kitchen" tag):
Kitchen Reveal
Counter top, sink, faucet

Boiler (heat source) - Before:
This picture doesn't do justice to the monstrocity that used to be in our basement - it was an oil boiler, about 2 1/2 feet in diameter and full the middle of our basement

Boiler After:
Our new, wall mounted, high efficiency, gas boiler.
Porch - Before:

Porch - After:
Our porch projects: porch painting, doormat

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