Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How tall is too tall?

We ordered our sink last week (hoorah! and for a deal too...let's hope the deal wasn't too good to be true and the sink shows up at some point this week...), so now it's faucet time.

I saw this faucet at IDS and fell in love:

-oooh, ahhh-

It comes in brushed stainless steel, but I love it in chrome. The only thing is that this little faucet measures 15 1/2" in height. That's more than a foot tall...which means the top of it will be above our window sill (beware: BEFORE picture following...ewwwww)

I'm just wondering whether the high faucet will look OK or just funny. The sink will be a 1 + 1/2 bowl, so the faucet will actually be more centred on the window than it is now (and those lovely oak cabinets are already dealt with...can't wait to share them with you!).

What do you think? Is a faucet that comes up above the windo sill too tall for the window placement?

Here's some more faucet love to get you into my brain space...
via House Beautiful - this is a nice low faucet, but I really don't want to deal with two water knobs in the kitchen.

via Houzz - just drool with me...this is proof for me that a faucet can be higher than a window and look spectacular!

via Inspiration for Decoration via Houzz - I know that this is a laundry room, but do you see how the faucet comes just under the window? 

 via House Beautiful - a faucet on heels, extra tall!

 This is not in front of a window, nor is it chrome...but man is it sexy! Traditional Home via DecorPad

Sunday, January 29, 2012

IDS 2012 - Recap

This has been a busy few days for me! Thursday night was my introduction to the Interior Design Show (IDS) here in Toronto. Attending BlogPodium on Friday (read my post about that here) meant that I was invited to attend the IDS opening gala and trade day.  Had I been free on Saturday, I would have had another opportunity to meet up with bloggers at the Canadian Design Bloggers meet-up, but I had a wedding to attend.  Needless to say, I am more than happy to litterally put my feet up today and give them a break from the heels I've been wearing non-stop since Thursday! I wear heels often, but I guess I don't walk around / stand in them as much, and last night I danced the night away at the wedding and the heels stayed on all night!

The IDS gala started off with one of my all time, world wide favourite things - just standing waiting for me in the media lounge upon check in on Thursday night:
I love me some bubbly...who doesn't? And Veuve is the queen of the bubbles...we made sure to enjoy it!
Here are some of my favourite displays at IDS - enjoy! (The photography / lighting isn't the best...but you'll get to see a bit of what I saw):
IDS 2012 Gala

This tray would be a great DIY, non?
Beautiful wall art

Living Lighting (King St location):
 This light fixture was ridiculous - strand upon strand of metal chain, and I loved how they styled the room (give me tulips any day...)

Canadiana at its best (curling rock pillows!) at Identity Apparrel:
Cherish auction in support of ONE X ONE:
Joe Fresh room:

One of my absolute favourite installations -Lissoni Lounge:

Walking through IDS was a lot of fun, getting peeks of design inspiration, and seeing design celebs like Sarah Richardson and Brian Gluckstein! I didn't get a pic of Brian, but here's Sarah in her cute patterned dress:

Even the chairs for the speaker sessions were ultra stylish:
There you have my little IDS 2012 recap - if you liked it you should try your best to attend next year! There really is so much inspiration, and something for everyone.

Friday, January 27, 2012

BlogPodium - recap

This morning I was fortunate enough to attend the (insanely successful) inaugural session of BlogPodium - the genius event created by Lindsay and Jen. They created BlogPodium as an opportunity for Canadian bloggers to encourage "conversation, collaboration, connection". {BlogPodium's Mission}. I would say they have succeeded and then some...Here's a look at the wonderful panel we had this morning:

I’ve seen these ladies on CityLine, at other events, and all over Twitter – it was fantastic to see them all in one room! Their input is invaluable – the mix of design experience, industry knowledge, and thoughts on the blogging world provides so much to think about. If you’re on Twitter, make sure to look up the #blogpodium trends (and follow me! @InteriorGroupie); many of us were tweeting topics of conversation during the session. If you’re not on Twitter…it took some nudging from blogger friends for me to get on…but just do it. You can thank me later.

Along with the swell panel session came the opportunity to mingle with attendees, which was amazing! One of the big highlights of the morning was putting faces to names of people whose blogs I comment on, who comment on my blog, and meeting them in “real life”. I now have a number of new blogs to check out and keep up with…

And finally, the swag. BlogPodium’s sponsors and other contributors were more than generous! The major sponsors were: Delta, OlioBoard (online moodboard creator), and IDS12 – Interior Design Show. Here are some of the goodies we came home with:
{Martha Stewart Living fabric box, We Create Hoopla glitter bag - LOVE THEM!, ChaptersIndigo white ceramic jar, CB2 plate, Benjamin Moore Affinity paint deck}

And check out the cute business cards I had printed from the Penny Paper Co.:

Check back tomorrow for photos from the Interior Design Show!

P.S. – a BIG thank you to all of you who read and follow my blog, I broke the 100-follower mark this week!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's getting me through this week...IDS & Blogpodium!

It's been a busy little week over here, and I don't think it's going to slow down soon. Unfortunately it's not house-decor-reno-fun-busy, more crazy-real-life-busy. Part of the reason it's so busy is because I'm taking Friday off work to go to:

BlogPodium is the genius brainchild of Lindsay from Little House Blog and Jen from Rambling Renovators. I am really looking forward to the discussion, panel, and opportunity to meet other bloggers. Every time I have met bloggers offline I have been so excited after spending time with others who share my passion. That, and all bloggers are super nice. And super stylish. But above all super nice. Can't wait to meet many of you this weekend!

Above and beyond all that glam goodness is another benefit of attending BlogPodium - a media pass to IDS2012 - the Interior Design Show.
I get to attend the kick off gala Thursday night (what to wear, what to wear! refer to super stylish comment above...Twitter is going nuts with wardrobe woes...), and then attend trade day on Friday. Don't worry, I'll be trying to snap photos while looking designer-chic at the events so I can report back in full!

There is even ANOTHER blogger event happening this weekend - the Canadian Design Blogger meet up on Saturday. I attended the one this summer and it was fantastic, however I have a wedding on Saturday so I will have to wait until the next blogger meet up to meet anyone who won't be at Blog Podium or IDS.

So with that I think I am signing off for the week...wish me luck with being uber stylish straight from work tomorrow night!

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