Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Flooring reveal!

Remember back in 2013 (wayyy back then), one of my goals was to redo the flooring on our main floor? It's was actually done in 2013...and baseboards / tiling were being finished when that gorgeous little bean Owen arrived, so I haven't posted anything about it...but without further ado:

We are soooo happy that we did the flooring and have it throughout the main floor, with tile in the entry and kitchen. I was worried about the darker tile showing watermarks, but it isn't too bad, and I love how it grounds our kitchen. 

Now of course, what do you do when you have hardwood in your living room? Put an area rug over it :) I am still on the hunt for a rug, any tips let me know!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bueller? ... Bueller?

I'm Bueller.

Missing in Action.

Totally enjoying my "day off".


Cue fancy car, sunshine, and driving in a parade. I wish. I would go bonkers for some trickles of melting snow and more than a day above -10 C (oh, and clear sidewalks for the stroller would be jackpot).

But seriously, I haven't posted once in 2014 yet. Woopsie.

The thing is...I'm totally and uterly distracted and loving my time away from work with my little Mr. I have taken photos of him at each of his month-birthdays and have added notes to my phone with post ideas and even some blog text. I've been inspired by what I've seen on some recent trips to Homesense and I'm in search of a rug and coffee table for the living room, I've kept up cooking (and WON the Chatelaine cooking picture contest this month!)...

But actually posting? Not yet. And it's not because I don't have a second to myself, I do now...It's just that things are honestly swell, exciting, and fun at home.

So I'm here, reading blogs here and there, and thinking of blogging...but I can't actually say when I'll be back at it regularly. Until then pop by when you see me in your reader, and more importantly - follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@interiorgroupie) to keep updated!
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