Thursday, September 19, 2013

Flooring Update

Well friends, I am still alive and well, and baby is still cozy in my belly :) I thought I would have tons of time for blogging since I finished work last Friday, but turns out that I've been cooking, cooking, nesting, cooking, nesting! Today is an exciting day though - install for our tiling and baseboards starts (which means no oven until the tiling is blogging it is).

Here is what we are going with for baseboards and tile:
 6x24 tiles in a charcoal colour
This will have shoe moulding added (new term for me too...basically a finishing piece on the bottom)

Yes, the flooring was installed more than a month ago...but these baseboard / tiling people are B-U-S-Y. So we're hoping the guy we have coming in can do the job cleanly and quickly so we can have some more normal life before #BabyGroupie (leave it to my friend Lindsey at Recreated to come up with a hastag for my baby - Lindsey IS the one who talked me into joining Twitter after all!). I'll have a #babygroupie post coming up to update everyone, and will post the finished photos of our main floor (finally) when it's done!
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