Monday, January 24, 2011

Cabinet aesthetics

I have a white china cabinet in the kitchen and I need something in there to liven things up a bit. I would like to add another shelf above the plates (aka the big empty spot on the right) but can't find little pegs that fit the holes (believe it or not!). 

Here is our cabinet:
I would like to wallpaper the inside of the cabinet to add some life - here are some inspiration photos:
Doesn't that look great? And the cabinet is almost identical to mine, save the middle separation on mine. 

via Artessen

Now just to find the wallpaper and a free weekend to complete the project!


Calmly Chaotic said...

The wallpapering would look great! I love the picture with the glass shelves too!

InteriorGroupie said...

Watching CityLine on timeshift and they are also featuring a cabinet with a punchy interior! They painted it and used a white "wall tattoo" for the design...sounds like an option if I can't find wallpaper I like!

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