Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Homestore haven

A friend of mine came across this post today via Apartment Therapy (thanks Shannon!).  This store looks absolutely amazing! Will have to add it to a Paris city guide for when I go (hopefully) this year.

BHV seems to be a very large everything-for-your-home store situated right in Paris. Really impressive. The Apartment Therapy post does a good job describing it and showing images of the vast array of goods they have available. I would l-o-v-e to go and browse these aisles...

They have a website but unfortunately do not ship overseas. Regardless, if I was there here are some things that I would buy:

Tabouret TAMTAM
Cute for extra seating with a pop of colour! via BHV

via BHV

Cadre photo DUCK
Cute for a kid's room via BHV

They seem to have a lot of basics, and judging from the AT post, a lot of things that you need here and there (and can never find when you need them!) - e.g. their large selction of bells (a french thing?), hardware, etc.

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