Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday faves


I need a little pick me up today so here's a post on some favourite things that I found online. 

NO WHINING - oatmeal and red - 14x18inch recycled felt applique pillow
Via Etsy

Via ApartmentTherapy: I LOVE these coffee cups - the vibrant colour and the stacking (I like being organized...). Can't wait for a relaxing saturday morning tomorrow with a nice latte or tea...

My favourite desert (and actually super easy to make too) - via GOOP. I know some people think Gwyneth is too much but I just love GOOP.

Happy weekend!

1 comment:

amanda said...

Best part about this post....I JUST bought the cow creamer pictured in Apartment Therapy's layout from Barnes & Nobles! It is sooo cute =)

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