Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend wins

Hellllooooo everyone.

I hope you all had as enjoyable a weekend as I did. The weather was beautiful, the weekend was relaxing...what more can you ask for? The weekend won out this time...we didn't get to the counter stores to check out kitchen options and we didn't get to choosing a paint colour for the cabinets. But, we did achieve a lot of other small wins which turned into a relaxing yet productive weekend.

Saturday we did grocieries and errands and then cleaned the house from top to bottom, including mopping and a closet purge, and hanging laundry out in the sun to dry. Love that! We headed to a friend's house for a really nice dinner to top off the day. Sunday we watched some of the 9/11 memorial (so sad, even 10 years later), hit the gym (refer to aforementioned delicious dinner...), did a bit more running around, a big run of empties to the beer store (love getting that money back!), and then I got to cooking. It was such a hot summer I didn't want to turn on the stove for more than I had to, but this weekend (although gorgeous in the sun) was cool enough to go to town with cooking. I made a batch of brownies, a lovely eggplant dish that we'll have for dinner with chicken one night this week, and delicious artichoke-cream sauce for pasta later this week. The Mr. took care of dinner on Sunday with a prime rib roast, potatoes and carrots. Hellooooo Sunday dinner :)

I didn't even take photos of all my hard work on Sunday, but I am looking forward to eating all of it! Now back to the main distraction of my weekend, the newest Food & Drink issue from the LCBO.

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Sarah - { rad: renovations are dirty } said...

I love browsing through Food & Drink! The photography and recipes are always so good.

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