Thursday, December 29, 2011

And they keep rolling...

...the holidays, that is! I'm fortunate that my office closes between Christmas and New Year's so this past week up until January 3rd should all be a nice workless blur to me!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas...we went back to Ottawa to celebrate with our families and friends. Ottawa had a white (and chilly) Christmas, although the snow came later in the season than usual. Here is a view of our drive up on the 23rd (I was NOT driving, this is from the passenger seat :) ):

It was a great visit, and we were spoiled with generous gifts. My mom and I have a tradition of boxing day shopping, and although it's dwindled in the past years, Chapters was my target store this year. I had some great finds including holiday cards for next year and:
Stone Object Bookend White
Stone bookends (they are SO heavy!)

This Gold Polygon Object (that is seriously the name Chapters gave it) is the perfect addition to my guest room's bookshelf. I had my eye on it for a bit and patience paid off!

I also went to Homesense and picked up a cute little porcelain cup for pens on the shelf of our coffee table and purple Tahari sheets (who knew Tahari did home stuff?).

All in all my boxing day sales searches have shifted to home stuff instead of clothes, but that's OK - I still love the thrill of the find! I did get a black and grey leopard print skirt which I'm excited about.

Did you have any great boxing day finds? Are you on the lookout for any additional sales?


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas and wow what amazing finds!! Love the bookends. Hope you have a wonderfully blessed New Year!!

Unknown said...

Love your finds Heather! And loooooove that first image of the great outdoors. Beautiful! Happy New Years!

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