Thursday, June 21, 2012

Toronto home store tour

A friend is coming to visit this weekend, and asked if we could go home store shopping. I mean really, did she have to ask?? She'll be moving into a new home at the end of the year so it's a perfect time to browse for inspiration!

Of course I took this to the nth degree to plan out which stores to hit and in which order. In true "Type A" style, I mapped them all out:

View Home Stores Toronto in a full screen map

Don't you just love all the nifty interweb gadgets out there? This map was made by Batchgeo. If you are having trouble viewing my map above you can see it here:
You can hover over each "flag" for the name of the store, but I've listed them below too.

A - GH Johnson
B - West Elm
C - Elte
D - Crate and Barrel
E - 1212
F - Cornerstone
G - CB2
H - L'Atelier
I - Pottery Barn
J - Restoration Hardware
K - Artifacts

We won't be able to make it to all of them - so for some unique, Toronto centric ones, I was thinking of hitting up the western strip - West Elm, CB2 (I still haven't been there), GH Johnson, and Cornerstone. I could see if we could squeeze in a trip to Elte too since it's just soo fun to go there!

Do you have any favourites that I missed but should check out?


Unknown said...

Oh how I'd love a shopping trip to Toronto!

Unknown said...

My idea of the perfect day would be a bunch of us working our way through every single one of these shops!

RealtyqueenTO said...

Great idea with the map planning, you waste less time this way and are more efficent. Also love your choices especially GH Johnson and CB2, oh and West Elm!

Designwali said...

umm can i go with you? Going from shop to shop with some lunch in between is my favourite thing to do! Have fun!

dajana, all kinds of lovely said...

I love that you mapped your choices out. Have heaps of fun with your ladyfriend!If I could, I'd join you, especially to check out Elte.

p.s. Nothing wrong with being a Type A, and I'm not just saying that because I'm one, too. (;

Shannon said...

Did this already happen?
DId I miss it?
I would walk along yonge and summerhill!

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