Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday faves - my fave five projects of 2012

I have been visiting, lounging, EATING, and all around taking in the holidays this year. The Mr. and I are currently on a little getaway enjoying some extra holiday time, but new year's is coming up which means it's almost countdown time! Amongst the million countdowns there are this time of year I am counting down my five favourite projects of the year. Speaking of countdowns...remember sitting by your tape recorder to tape  favourite songs from the RADIO every new year's eve?? ohhh life before iTunes.

Here are my fave five for 2012:

Kitchen Reveal - we were SO excited to get this project done, and are loving every little bit of it. We are currently working on a little extra project for this space (to be revealed in 2013).

DIY Doormat - this was a fun and easy project, with a lot of impact. Hard to believe I did it almost a year ago!
Cast-iron pan makeover - This was the Mr's project through and through - super rewarding to get an old cast iron pan from an antique market and fix it up! (we use it ALL the time).

DIY cakestand - what do you get when you stick a bowl to a plate? This...

 Curb-find stool make over - these were a great and free find...add some spray paint and cushions and voila!
There were many other fun projects over the year, and I'm sure many more to come in 2013!

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Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse said...

That kitchen was (and is) amazing!! If you had only done that, it would be a truly successful year. But I'm glad you kept going, because I love your other DIYs too - esp. the great stool makeover!!

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