Wednesday, January 23, 2013

IKEA does it again

I'm on a mailing list for IKEA product launches and am always surprised with at least a few things that pop up! They've done it again with some amazing products coming out in February. I love how they're pushing some of the usual IKEA style boundaries, including putting in DIY tips in their catalogue, and taking some IKEA hack ideas and turning them into products they sell for customers who aren't so crafty. (PS - I'm not paid or otherwise compensated for this...I just really think these products are cool).

Here are some new products that caught my eye:
 PROMENAD designed by Malin Ã…kerblom
I love blue and white dishes...and will definitely have to check these out

BILLY bookcase with OpenBooks pattern (limited edition) 
This is a great reminder that you can completely change a bookcase by adding fabric, wallpaper, or paint to the inside of it (or just go to IKEA to buy one done for you!)

 PALLRA boxes - patterned on the inside, fabric covered on the outside. I LOVE these.
KVITTRA boxes, designed by: Anna Salander.

Start the car, Start the car!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lindsay [rookie's nest] said...

LOL "Start the car" made me laugh. The new stuff looks awesome! Can't wait!

Keira said...

I too love Ikea. Especially a good hack.

Unknown said...

Hahaha "Start the Car! Start the Car!!!"
I truly love that commercial!

Cathy said...

Shovel off all of the snow from the car then drive..... how I wish there was an Ikea closer than 2 hours away.

Danielle said...

Haha, "Start the Car!" - that was a good commercial - thanks for the chuckle and the heads up!

Ashley said...

Those dishes are gorgeous!

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