Friday, March 22, 2013

I did it

Good Friday morning!!

I did it.

Well, I actually did 2 things (and no. one of them wasn't "write a blog post"...although I have been slacking in that regard so if we count that I'm up to 3. Woah.).

1- very last post was about pillows...I typically hem and haw about online purchases (ok, about most decisions), but really liked the multi-coloured pillow, which turns out was sold out. As soon as it was back in stock, Chapters/Indigo tweeted me with an update and I ordered it immediately. Well played Chapters, well played. The good news? I love said pillow. Check it out on my beautiful chair:
{iphone pic...haven't had time to play with my camera much lately!)

The second thing I did? Hit up Target. This is BIG news in Toronto. From my instagram (InteriorGroupie) and twitter (@interiorgroupie) feeds I was worried that other bloggers had already scooped everything up, but the shelves were pretty well stocked when I went on Thursday, and I ended up with this loot:

Here is a lot of other fun stuff I came across:

Aside from spending money, we're busy planning the bathroom (oh..."did it #3" ordered the vanity. Woot! Oh wait, that's just spending more money) and wishing for spring to make an appearance (I know we're not as badly off as other places...but the flakes have been a flyin' here and I'm ready for sun and green).

Have a good first weekend of "spring"!


Country Chic said...

I was just at Chapters yesterday! They have so much nice stuff there now, especially in the scarf selections.

Love the Nate Berkes line

Designwali said...

oooh I'm waiting for my pillow too!

I feel behind these days too! Must hit a target soon.

Martina said...

I wish we were cool enough to get a Target :p oh well just one more stop when I end up in the city ;).

I can't wait to see what you picked for your bathroom options, since I loves everything you hose in your kitchen I'm sure it will be awesome ;)

Unknown said...

Target! I can't wait to check one out now that they're opening up all over the place! How were the prices? Comparable to the Zellers of old for stuff that's more awesome? (Please say yes...)

Tess said...

AH - why does house decorating have to be so expensive - even if you are trying to do it on the cheap!!

Cant wait to see the bathroom!!

Laura said...

LOVE the pillow!

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