Monday, February 7, 2011

Dreamy drawers

As ecstatic as we are with our closet project, I soon realized that while gaining valuable closet space, we were losing a lot of drawer space.  We used to have a 6-drawer dresser (ugly as it was) that housed a lot of drawer items (socks, underwear, jogging pants, workout clothes, etc.). With the new closet, we each had 2 drawers that were each half the size of one of our previous drawers.

I looked for drawer dividers, but wasn't keen on spending upwards of $40 per divider for wooden dividers. I mean really, who is ever going to see them?  There were also white plastic ones for $20 or so, but they weren't all that nice.

So, I got crafty with the most basic supplies available:
I measured the cardboard for the length of the drawers and had some extra shelf-lining paper from a dresser proejct, which I used to cover the cardboard.
The cardboard I used (from a packing box) is sturdy enough to stand up in the drawer, especially when supported by drawer items. I then inserted the "divider" in my drawer, et voila! no more mixed up socks and tights! 
I made them for each drawer, and although an incredibly simple solution, they really make life in 2 drawers easier. Total cost...hmm I don't know, $0.07?  Total time - for all 4 - about 1/2 hour.


Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Oh my goodness, you've been busy! I love the new closet and the dividers are very clever. I also hate spending loads of money on something so simple. I'll be copying you. xo Carol

designchic said...

Great idea...thrilled to find and follow your wonderful blog!!

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