Tuesday, February 1, 2011

101: deconstructed

I have to admit, I only caught the last half of Sarah101 this week but I am pretty sure I caught the important stuff!

My feelings from last week remain - I think this show is getting a bit repetitive, using the same Sarah+pattern+more pattern = Sarah101 formula. I think we need to see some variety thrown in to keep things interesting.

That being said, there were specific things about this week's episode that I really liked. I should say that I like aspects of the room, I just found it a bit "much" all together.

1. I loved the chairs. DIY upholstery is not that tough as I (and my hubby) figured out with a headboard project and a bench project (promise to post it soon!). I preferred their DIY chairs with the sharp yellow painted frame and the gray/light gray striped material for the seat. I thought these were much more applicable to "real life" design than the other chairs. I loved the other chairs on their own, but in the room found myself distracted across all of the different elements.

2. The wallpaper. I really liked this. I have a fondness for bold yet traditional patterns in dining rooms, and liked how this wall paper was in muted tones compared to the rest of the room.  I also describe my home-style as "updated traditional" so this wall paper fits my style nicely. I think the pattern is too big to use in my cabinet project but it's still good to see options.

3. Floor stain. This is the type of floor that I want in my house.  A floor where you can still see the grain (so it actually looks like wood) but where the colour is a nice mid-tone. Currently we have original hardwood on our 2nd floor and some sort of cherry high-laquered wood in our dining room (we inherited this, it wasn't our choice!). Flooring is definitely a project in the future so I'll add Sarah's floor to my inspiration folder.

4. Flowers. Although a very simple suggestion - single blooms in bud vases - it looks so good! Sometimes the simple things are the best. Love how you can do a whole table for under $20. I also love the low candle holders she has -- if anyone sees these anywhere (brass or silver) let me know!  I'm on the hunt.


emily said...

I wish I lived in Canada so I could see the show. I always go online the next day and look at the pictures and shopping guide from the show! I am keeping my fingers crossed that HGTV here in the US picks it up soon!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I think the Sarah look is very lovely and works well in many homes however I haven't seen anything new in a long time.
Thanks for stopping by yesterday. Your blog is fantastic and I'll be a regular reader. I'm a Toronto native so I'll look forward to hearing about any new hot spots for when I'm back home...Carol

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