Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rad Covers - Part 1

This weekend marked the continuation of our rad cover project.  We were going to do covers for all of our rads, but the metal or wood mesh that goes in the inside makes it a very expensive project, so we're focusing on the main floor rads for now.

If you want to know what I'm talking about, you can see Rambling Renovaters' version here (a HUGE thank you to Jennifer + Handyman who sent a very detailed reply to my email inquiry about some of the details!).  It also an episode at some time on Pure Design - I came across this while trying to find suppliers for the wire / wooden mesh screens.

We did a trial last weekend for our rad in the entry way. We did pretty well considering it was our first time using a (borrowed) table saw.  Here are some of the steps we took:

Our very official planning strategy

We are able to reuse the shelf that sat alone on top of the rad, which makes the project a bit easier. Now just to prime, paint, and insert the mesh in the centre!

We are considering a few options for the mesh centre.  We have a 3'x4' sheet from Danforth Lumber which was $80. Rona sells smaller sheets (3'x2') for $41.99 each (Home Depot doesn't have anything), and Octoperf is the product Rambling Renovators used. We were quoted $228 for a 4'x10' piece. Although it would provide for many of rad covers, it's still pretty pricey. I have contacted Ferrier for their pricing, but they are only open 9-5 M-F, so it will have to be an excellent deal to make that work!

Today we made the cuts for the covers for the living and dining room. The Mr. glued the frames together and tomorrow we will make cut outs for the pipes on the side, and attach the sides to the frame (levelling as we go!).

We're pretty excited about the aesthetic these will add to our main floor. Will post the finished products when we are done with all the details (sanding, painting, installing).


modern jane said...

I'm so glad that you posted about this! This will/should be the next project at my place but I've been wondering how to go about doing it!

Radiator cover said...

Nice planning keep it continue..

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