Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday faves

I heard earlier this week that wine or beer can actually help women maintain their weight (apparently that is not the case with men - ha!).  They said up to 7-9 drinks (5oz wine / 12oz beer) per week helped women keep their weight down over time.  (*I swear I heard this this week, but when I googled it to find an article to link to everything was from March 2010. Regardless, good news is good news. Click here for more info).

In honour of this, I will share some of my favourite everyday wines.  TGIF :)

Casillero del Diablo Carmenere

Chateau Puyfromage - we first got this wine as a gift, and it is now one we love giving as a gift.

Peppoli Chianti - we recieved this as a gift also, and absolutely loved it!

I tend to drink red more than white, but here are some of my favourite crisp, go-to, whites:
Argento Pinot Grigio - I've had this so often I am on the verge of overdoing it, but it always pleases!

Champagne...ahhh bubbly. I love champagne. The only downside is that unless you have a good number of people to share it with (or a big desire to drink the whole bottle) it can be a waste, which is really a pity with such good bubbly. I can't say this is really a daily bubble, but it is delicious none the less.
Veuve Clicquot - a nice treat when in the mood for champagne

I like pretty much every other kind of sparkling wine, brut, or prosecco but generally don't have it often enough to have favourites.

Let me know your favourite wines of choice - I'm always interested in new options!

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