Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Magazine mania

Oh the start of the month...hello to the usual things go along with that: dating notes with the previous month for at least the first week (is that just me??), bills due, and my favourite: fresh magazines.  There is just something about magazines that make me happy. And I know it's not that "green", but I just like the real deal sometimes as opposed to online versions of everything.

That said...yesterday I had three - THREE - arrive in one day in my mailbox!  Big time excitement. Here's a little preview - I can't wait to read them in more detail (and yes, I am a magazine reader, cover to cover. No risk of missed articles here folks. Some of my friends - you know who you are - think I'm crazy, but back to the days of YM and Seventeen magazine I've always read magazines in order).  I do one or two preliminarty flips, and here are some things that caught my eye:

Style at Home - March
I can't find this cover online (it must be so new it's not out online yet!). I love Style at Home. I tried to go without it but caved after about 3 months. This issue has a bunch of organization tips as well as some cute painted hardware peices (see yellow hooks above).  Another feature I'm excited to read: The Suite Life - which is revealing Tommy Smythe (from Sarah101)'s 2nd floor renovation.  At quick glance it looks fantastic (obviously).

Real Simple - February
This is my first issue of Real Simple (Christmas gift from a friend! xo), but I have been subscribing to their emails for a while now.  The thing that intrigues me about Real Simple is that it's a bit of everything - home decor, fashion, health, and cooking.  Pretty much everything I'm interested in (if they could throw in some juicy gossip they would really reach the pinnacle!). In the February issue they feature some floor lamps that I love. Here's a selection:
SIbley lamp via Anthropologie - isn't this so cute? so anthro...

Tree Lamp via Gracious Home

Surveyor lamp via Jayson Home and Garden 
I really wanted a tripod lamp for our living room but then ended up getting nesting tables which I split on each side of the couch (and now have no more room for a tripod lamp). But - for those of you in Toronto, ModeHaus near Queen and Roncesvalles has a great tripod lamp (floor and table sizes the floor one is only $235) that, in my opinion, is nicer than this beauty.

Fashion - March
I'm neutral about Fashion Magazine. I only get it because I get Toronto Life, and they add it on to the subscription (our new issue of TL is bound to arrive any day now to raise my magazine count). Generally I find it has too much useless text, but since it's a freebie it's one that I don't feel guilty about flipping through. I can't find an online photo of the layout that really grabbed my attention but it's called "Saturation Point" and starts on p.146.

Happy reading (or flipping, if that's more your style)!


Anna of IHOD said...

Thanks for stopping by! I absolutely love that anthro lamp. A fresh change to the normal floor lamp!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I'm loving those yellow hooks. I just designed an amazing mud room for a client and struggled tremendously to find cool hooks.

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