Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday faves

It's never fails to come again but sometimes I wish it could come so much sooner!

I came across this beautiful pillow earlier this week and thought it would look amazing on my to-be-upholstered chair:

Pretty, right? $128 pretty? hmm...meanwhile I'm trying to find a christmas party dress for under $150. ha...pillow? dress? pillow? dress?

Life is all about tough choices people.

Happy Friday!


Designwali said...

ummm...not so pretty for $128....go for the dress! try ASOS!

Unknown said...

Well, what about borrowing a dress from a friend? And then you can use the money you saved on the pillow 
Also, maybe wait for the 23rd as that’s Black Friday and the pillow is bound to be on sale (come to think of it, so will dresses)

emily said...

decisions! decisions! that pillow is amazing though!

Adding the finishing touch said...

Tough choice! The pillow is gorgeous!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I just did a post about Schumacher's new hot fabric and it has peacocks. It's called Shanghai Peacock. Go check it out. I saw some etsy sellers making pillows that are less expensive and you will be way ahead of the upcoming trend.

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