Monday, July 11, 2011

Kitchen feature - part 1

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! It was a hot one, but I love it (even sans a/ bring it on!). We got to hang out at a cottage near Perth ON, and attended a lovely wedding of one of my uni friends (congrats A + M!).

Today I am so excited to be featuring the transformation of an amazing friend of mine's kitchen! My friend, her husband and adorable dog Romeo live in Las Vegas -- yes, they actually live there in a house, in a neighbourhood, that resembles many other North American neighbourhoods! Just a quick drive away from the strip...

They are in the process of renovating most of their house and I have their kitchen to share with you today.

Here is the before:
As you can see, the old kitchen had honey-coloured cabinets and a tiny little island that really served no purpose aside from an object that could be called an "island".  They put a lot of thought and creativity into this kitchen, including moving things around and re-purposing the space.
They chose engineered wood for the cabinet doors and modern hardware that they found online for $4 a piece (as opposed to $12 per unit they saw at a kitchen store). 

They loved the look of horizontal cabinets and cabinets with frosted glass, so they incorporated that into the right side of the kitchen. Since they opted for a tall hood fan, moved the microwave into what used to be a cabinet, and opted for open shelving, they did lose some cabinet space, but they also gained another cabinet next to the dishwasher (a skinny one that they use this for cuttingboards and BBQ utensils since it's close to the back door).
The backsplash was a major splurge for the kitchen. They initially started out with the idea of doing one single subway tile colour in a jade/grassy green but then found this staggered horizontal tile at a high-end store and fell in love with it (if you can save in other places, go for the gusto with some stuff!).

They changed the white countertop out for a concrete-gray coloured quartz countertop with specks of broken mirror glass. They wanted to go with a more eco-friendly/recycled look, and Quartz is the only material that had that effect (they didn't feel that granite would suit their kitchen style, which I completely agree with).
For flooring, they chose a matte dark tile. They decided to place the rectangular tiles in a subway/brick pattern on a diagonal. My friend chose diagonal positioning for the floor because it elongates both the kitchen and the connecting room (family room). In the before picture you can see that the rooms were really divided with that straight floor line - since the rooms are open concept my friend wanted each room to be inviting. Unfortunately for her floor guys, she didn't go with an easy 45 degree angle, but kept them on their toes with an obscure angle (but it looks perfect!).
The sink was a compromise - my friend really wanted a farmhouse style sink but her husband didn't like how they hung over the edge. I think they made the absolute right choice with the sink they put in - all the benefits of a farmhouse sink (oversized), but completely suited for their modern space.

Check back tomorrow for the afters and sources!

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amy walters said...

This kitchen is looking beautiful!

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