Monday, July 4, 2011

Strawberry galette

I tried my hand at a galette this morning, following this Food Network recipe. I wanted to try it as a rustic alternative (read: less fussy) to a pie, so I whipped one up this morning (remember I had the day off? otherwise I'd be dreaming to do this before work). I already had pastry dough in the freezer which decreased the work by quite a bit.

The first step is to roll out your pastry and add a layer of chopped almonds and strawberries:
Make sure to leave enough room along the edges to fold up the dough. Now this is supposed to be a "rustic" tart, so I left my edges pretty rustic (read: uneven...when doing this again I would try to pretty-fy it a bit more!):
Had I read the recipe closer, I would have read that you were supposed to transfer your dough to a baking sheet before adding the filling...needless to say that would have been a lot easier. Transfering pie dough filled with 1.5 lbs of strawberries required the handiwork of me and the Mr.

Once that is done you toss it in the oven for 25 minutes. Pretty simple, right.
Right. Except, as you look closer to this picture you notice a LOT of strawberry juice / syrup leaking out...meaning the bottom isn't crispy and again - hard to transfer off the not-so-pretty-baking dish to a rustic ceramic plate I had in mind. None the less we had some for desert at lunch and it tastes GOOD. Not sure how to solve the juicy problem in the future, but will definitely try this again - maybe with peaches when they are in season.
As you can tell, it will get eaten (and it's delicious!). You can't really go wrong with fresh local strawberries, flaky pie crust, and a bit of ice cream (oh, and I used a baster to collect all that amazing strawberry syrup to warm up and put on top!). So, it may not look exactly like the recipe:
Strawberry Galette
...but they cheated anyway with this artsy photo that only shows part of it :)


Julip Made said...

This looks mouth-wateringly good! The strawberry juice leaking out would just make it that much better with some vanilla ice cream.

Camille said...

Oh the beauty of a cropped photo! The galette looks amazingly delicious and might just be easy enough for me to want to attempt it. Will remember to add the filling after transferring it to the baking sheet. :)

amy walters said...

This turned out beautifully. Love it Heather!!!

lisaroyhandbags said...

my mouth is watering as I'm reading this!! yum!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Yes please!! I love any dessert with fruit in it and this looks easy and amazing. A rare and beautiful combination.

Meghan said...

Oh yum! The perfect summer dessert! I'd love a little (no, make that a lot) of ice-cream on the side!

Shannon said...

That looks soooo tasty!!!

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