Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bedroom drapery

Who else is melting?? It is extremely hot and humid here in Toronto - 38 C (100.4 F) BEFORE humidity, feels like 49 C (120 F).  I love summer and all, but this is hot hot hot. My Vegas friend compared the heat in Vegas to the feeling you get when you stand beside a bus...I'm pretty sure that Toronto is all beside a bus right now. It's obsene...onto nicer thoughts...

Our master bedroom is getting closer to being "done" (are rooms ever actually done??). Now it's time to look for draperies. This week in particular a couple of my favourite bloggers have posted some inspiration pics I love - like these over at Calmly Chaotic:

And these from aDESIGNdock:

As a reminder, here is our master:

It is obviously already "busy" with pattern, but I think it could handle a bit more on the drapery. I am envisioning oatmeal-coloured fabric, with a gray-ey-green-ey thick chevron.  Something a little like this:

via Pinterest (Follow me at - InteriorGroupie (Heather) )

Now, only to find this imagined fabric....while searching for inspiration pics, I came across a painted-drape DIY that turned out beautifully:

What are your thoughts on painted fabric? The drapes look great in the picture, but will they hang well? I'm a bit doubtful...there is a full tutorial on the KFD Design site here.

Here are some fabric ideas:
Flatiron, Grey
Tonic Living Flatiron Gray - I think this is too narrow given the pattern we already have going on on the bench and pillows.
Joy, Pearl
Tonic Living Joy - this could be another option, but again I think the scale is too small.
Tessuto Jolies/4239 (stripe)
Designer Fabrics online Tessuto Jolies/4239 - closer to the colours, but a bit bland...

I hope to hit up Designer Fabrics on Queen St. W on Friday afternoon - does anyone have any suggestions for fabric stores (or a store that might have linen-y drapes with a bit of added interest?). In the meantime, here are some of my favourite inspiration pics:

via Pinterest - love all the gold accents
via Pinterest - I like the wide spacing on these ones
via Pinterest - interesting take, I never thought of chevron sheers! Not the look for my room, but interesting nonetheless.


Ashley said...

Yay for drapery decisions this week! We made ours now you're next! I do love the bigger spacing between the chevron and obviously love that wide horizontal stripe (but don't love the price)!

lisaroy said...

Wow that's some heat in Toronto! you'd think you were here in Dubai ( it's 44c everyday here this time of year and the humidity brings it around 49c as well - gross! )
Love the big chevron pattern. You could paint them onto ikea panels - just be sure to add some fabric medium to the paint which you can find at michaels.

Anonymous said...

Love love love the big chevron patterns! Good luck with your search and please post about what you find :)

Unknown said...

Heather these all all fabulous! And you've just given me some more fabulous ideas for my living room drapery. I'm absolutely in love with the yellow and white chevron designs. Goooorgeous!!!

Lindsay [rookie's nest] said...

LOVE that drapery idea - I think it would look great in the oatmeal. Following you on Pinterest now :)

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