Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hoorah! I have a red one!

Remember when I planted a nice little garden earlier this year?? When the rain seemed like it would never end?

Well the rain finally ended (and in fact it hasn't rained in Toronto since June 21...seriously - a month....) and temps are in the mid-30's, feeling into the 40's. I love love love summer, but what does this all mean? Expensive water bill coming our way :)  Our rain barrel ran out of rain a while ago and we really wanted to keep our garden going, so we've been watering with the hose.  I've given up on the aforementioned veggie garden (the spinach grew, but never got deep-green-spinachy, the basil is being attacked by something, and the radicchio "bolted" which apparently means bad things).

Our tomatoes however, are growing really well. So far unscathed by squirrels (I think they are busy in the black walnut tree in our neighbours yard), there are many little green tomatoes on the plant. And lo and behold - one red one today! Oh happy day.

Can you see it?
Here's the Where's Waldo answer:

Hoorah! Happy Wednesday folks.


Shannon said...


lisaroy said...

That's so exciting! Especially when the rest of your garden is having a tough time of it. mmmm nothing like home grown tomatoes :)

Carol-Anne said...

Makes you feel quite accomplished, doesn't it? The heat is brutal today, hug?

Keep cool!

Ashley said...

hahaha you knew a tomato could be so exciting! but when you grow it yourself it is definitely a cause for celebration!

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