Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday faves - feeling pampered

I have spent the last 5 nights at my parents' house...I came to Ottawa last weekend for a wedding (a beautiful, beautiful wedding!) and stayed for work until Thursday night. I have to say...being here during the week was quite a bit like being at a resort. When I got home I had nothing to think about - didn't have to come up with ideas for dinner, didn't have to think about home projects, and didn't have to do any chores. Amazing (thanks mom!).

In honour of this resort-type atmosphere, for today's Friday Faves I'm sharing some seriously luxurious hotel spots around the world (unfortunately I haven't had the chance to frequent these yet, but let's add them to the list, shall we?).

Happy daydreaming...

The Waikiki Edition, Hawaii - via EnRoute
 Sentosa Resort & Spa, Singapore - via

Sovena Kiri Six Senses, Thailand - via
The Old Bank Hotel - Oxford UK via
Taylor Hotel, Paris - via
The Nines (Luxury Collection), Portland - via
The Outpost Kruger National Park, South Africa - via 

Ok, so this isn't a hotel - however it is on an AIRPLANE. Just think of how lovely it would be to have a "seat" like this on a long overseas flight...ahhhh..... Singapore Airlines via


Anonymous said...

Ooh...I can't possibly choose a fav. They're all so amazing!

lisaroy said...

These are some amazing resorts! As for staying at my parents' house - it's anything but resort-like - I suddenly morph back into a 10 year old!

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