Saturday, October 8, 2011

Table decor for your turkey

Happy Thanksgiving for all my Canadian friends!! It is a GORGEOUS weekend here, and definitely warmer than normal for Thanksgiving (NO complaints here).

We are having some friends over for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, and it will be our first turkey cooking experience! Wish us luck...I'm thinking I should make the table look pretty so even if the food doesn't turn out perfectly at least people will be distracted by nice decor? (and wine, lots of wine).

Style at Home has pulled through again with some great ideas for Thanksgiving table decor. Here are some of my faves:
I won't be going as far as having my guests sit on hay bales, but gourds in vases is definitely a simple possibility - via

And some more inspiration:
Pinned Image
I hope we will have too much food on the table to do this one...but like the look of it! via Covetabledesigns
This looks dead simple (aka right up my alley...) - via On a Whim and a Broomstick


Anonymous said...

PRETTY! Good luck with you hosting duties! I'm sure it will be great!

Unknown said...

Have fun! Hosting is so much fun! We had our supper today and I'm stuffed!

lisaroy said...

So pretty! I couldn't find any real pumpkins here in Dubai for decor, but at lease I found canned for the pie! Just some orangey roses here for some fall colour on the table. Hope you're having a wonderful thanksgiving! And I'm sure your table with not only look good but taste great too :)

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Funny, I have exactly the same image as you on my post today. I hope your turkey turned out to be delicious.

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