Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting crafty with a salad spinner?

Last week I was home one day nursing a very annoying cough and cold. The good part was that I got to catch up on some fun daytime TV! I definitely soaked in CityLine, some OWN Season 25 and some great cooking shows (I can never seem to catch them in a normal week when I don't get home before 6:30). All in all a great day, despite a coughing fit in the middle of a teleconference (had to do SOME work...embarrassing that I was coughing so much I couldn't talk and no one on the line knew what was going on? yes...) Anyhoo...I decided to watch the Marilyn Denis show because I loved her when she used to be on CityLine.

One of her segments was on art...specifically, art made with a salad spinner. Yes, you heard right! So, for all you crafty folks out there, get your art on. Here are some examples:
salad spinner art
homemade gift tags

Marilyn's segment focused primarily on black and white final products, which looked really sharp. I think this could look chic if you stick to a specific colour palette. If you have kids (or just love crafts) and have an old salad spinner, give this wacky art a try!

Here is the how-to from the Marilyn Denis show:
Step #1: Cut paper in a circle to fit inside the salad spinner
Step #2: Splatter various colours of paint on the paper
Step #3: Put the lid on the spinner and spin!
Step #4: When it's stopped spinning take lid off, add more paint if you'd like a different pattern. Otherwise, allow to dry for a few hours and frame.

Simple isn't it?? 


Carol-Anne said...

What a crazy/interesting idea! Have you tried it?

Anonymous said...

Cool idea! And very fun for kids!

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