Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Go go garden

Yesterday we had a little lunch & learn at work about container gardening (amazing work perk?? I agree).  The presenter is a colleague of mine who dives into things head first, and as an example didn't have to buy produce for 3 months during his first year of gardening.

My hopes aren't QUITE so high - just thinking about an upgrade over some of the basic (but delicious) herbs I grew last year. This year I was hoping to do some lettuce (who else loves arugula?) and cherry tomatoes. A work friend who lives nearby said that they have tried cherry tomatoes for 2 years and the squirrels eat all the fruit before they could get to it. Bah! I LOVE tomatoes from the garden - they just scream summer.

Red Cherry Tomatoes -- 8x10 print
via Etsy

I was very inspired yesterday when I got home so I went out and started weeding our garden (and lawn...we're a bit behind).  And I was making good progress until I found...eek...a dead mouse in our flower bed. YUCK. Our neighbour has an outdoor cat - couldn't he have taken care of it for us?? Anyways that was enough to stop my garden progress for the night, the Mr. will have to deal with that when he has time.

Anyhoo, if anyone out there in blogland knows anything about either vegetable gardening or flowers / plants (we have to liven up our front yard which is west facing), suggestions are more than welcome!

The presenter yesterday recommended the following book for container gardening - definitely sounds like something that is attainable (hopefully???):

I also tend to trust most things from the City TV crew - has anyone read the Frankie Flowers book? I think it is more for plants and flowers than veggies, but still piques my interest:


emily said...

I am not much of a gardener (I tend to kill everything), but I love the idea of growing a fruits and veggies in the back yard (sans mouse of course)!

amy walters said...

Ooh I love Frankie. Don't like mice, no siree!

Victoria said...

I would love to grow tomatoes like those... So perfect, I am sure it is worth the work!

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