Sunday, May 1, 2011

Slow food Sunday

How has your weekend been? As usual ours was busy, but productive! I will feature some of our finds and projects during the week.

Yesterday started with a visit with a friend to Kimberley Seldon's Designer Market event in Toronto's Distillery District. I wasn't all that impressed with the event - I was hoping that it was going to be more sleuthy and thrift-find-y, but it was more product focused (food and self-care products). There were a few fabric booths with great deals ($5/yard) but I didn't see anything that caught my eye. I did get a couple of table runners for the dining room at $5 each - I am now on the lookout for a lively table cloth to use under them to perk them up. Thanks S for the recommendation - even though the market wasn't that exciting the visit made it worth it!

Today we did some running around this morning, got a bit of work done on projects and I got cooking! The two things I made aren't really slow-cooking recipes, but both took a while for their own reasons. Both recipes are from The Cook's Book of Everything.

Cook's Book of Everything (Cookery)
I received this cookbook almost 2 years ago as a wedding shower gift. It is ah-mazing. Not only does it have good tips and definitions of techquines / ingredients but it has delicious recipes that are generally easy to follow. I have not yet been disappointed by any recipe in this book. For proof, continue reading :)

The first thing I made was brownies. My husband is a HUGE brownie fan. Connoisseur if you will. This recipe is decadent. Rich. delicious. It calls for a lot of butter, a lot of chopped chocolate (I use dark), a bit of flour, a bit of cocoa, a fair bit of sugar and four eggs.

This all produces a very dark batter that cooks for 50 minutes, and then cools for 2 HOURS! I was surprised, but I'm a rule follower and my hubby was out of the house so I managed to let them cool for the suggested time. Let me tell you, it was worth it. I think the cooling time is so long because these are not just any old brownies. They are ooey-gooey melty chocolate brownies. The 9oz of chocolate is so melty that a lengthy cooling period is required to keep these bad boys from oozing all over the place. Here's the finished product:


The other recipe I took on from this book was French Onion Soup. This one I did expect to take a while since soups are always best when they cook slowly.
This recipe made me very thankful for 2 things: my mandolin and the green bin for waste! I definitely shed some tears cutting all those onions.

Yumm! This made 6 servings, but we've only eaten 2. The cheese melts away a fair bit so tomorrow night's soup will have more cheese on it. The recipe is a great traditional french onion soup.

So there you have the product of my Sunday's work!  For everyone in Canada - make sure to VOTE tomorrow.

PS - for anyone in Ontario needing further food inspiration - the Early Summer Food&Drink magazine came out this past week - make sure to pick yours up at the LCBO before they're all gone!


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I had a huge dinner and this is making me hungry again!

emily said...

Those brownies looks super good! And I am a sucker for a tasty bowl of onion soup!

Miss Walker said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! Loving yours too, now following! Miss Walker xoxo

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