Thursday, May 19, 2011


Everyone makes mistakes, right? Right. RIGHT. This is a little story about how we are not exempt from that rule...

Remember our early success with the rad covers? Well, we were so pumped about the results on the main floor we decided to waste no time getting some rad covers built for our bedrooms upstairs.

We went about the measurements, did all the cuts, assembled, painted, and poof - rad covers!  We didn't test things as much this time around -- followed the "measure twice, cut once" rule and that was that.

Well. Maybe a better rule for us would be measure twice, get it checked by a second set of eyes, measure again, compare, build a test unit, measure again, and cut.  Because THIS is the result of working while our new-found-wood-working-confidence was at an all-time high:

Do you see how small that top is for the cover?? The cover is perfect for the rad, but we must have measured the size of the rad for the top, not the size of the cover. UGH how annoying. Not only do we have to re-do the top, but the material is basically wasted (anyone need a rad top??). ugh.  To top it all off, that wasn't the only mistake:
Same issue as the first one. What's worse than making a stupid mistake? Doing it twice!

What's worse than doing the same mistake twice? Well...the one rad cover we thought was safe, the one that had a top that would fit over the rad cover, turned out like this:
Are you kidding me!??! We messed up the actual cover on this one - which led to us buying more metal screen for the inside, and led to this gargantuan rad cover that comes out over the window sill. We're hoping for this one we can pry the pieces apart, cut off the execss and put it back together. Cross your fingers ladies and gents!

Can you believe this comedy of errors?? The Mr.and I were in shock when we discovered just how much we did wrong, and the fact that it wasn't just one cover that was messed up, it was all three!!  That being said, we had a good laugh - what else can you do? We have a busy few weekends coming up so these won't be able to be fixed immediately, much to our shagrin...but we will get to it, and make it right!


Calmly Chaotic said...

this is hilarious! don't get me wrong, i too would be super frustrated but i can just picture you two laughing about it.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, Heather! Next time you need to make a batch of cookie dough, DEFINITELY try the recipe I posted -- I promise that you won't be disappointed.

Love your blog ... I'll be back for another visit soon. Happy (almost) Friday!

amy walters said...

Oh...Heather ;) I feel your pain. That sounds like almost every attempt I make at a DIY project! Good luck at round 2. Hope it goes muuuuch smoother for you and the Mr.

christine, just bella said...

Glad to hear you guys can laugh about it! If it makes you feel any better this sounds like almost all of my projects!

Rambling Renovators said...

Ohmigosh, that must have been so frustrating! Well, at least your boxes looked great. Hope the fixes went well.

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