Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday faves - setting the table

Another happy Friday to you folks! So happy it's the weekend...we have a birthday celebration for a friend tonight, a little weekend visit planned to see some friends and their daughter tomorrow, and then hopefully spending time outside puttzing around in the garden in the sun or maybe visiting the driving range for the rest of the weekend.

It's been a little while since I've had a dinner party but I'm always intrigued by lovely table settings. When I was young and had to set the table my favourite part was coming up with "unique" ways of folding the (paper) napkins! Too funny...maybe one of these will inspire a nice mother's day setting for you?
Here are some of my faves that I would love to try:

via NJS Design Events - How to Set a Table - isn't this SO useful?

Is this not the cutest napkin display you ever have seen? I want to do this.

via Homes - simple and cute, love the quatre foil plate

via Style Me Pretty - Love this (great use for all my old wine corks!)

These mini wood stumps are also a cute idea, and would look great on this table:
or this one:
via - Chalkboard place settings - how cute is that?
via - I am going gaga for this colour combo and the linen runners!
Anyone want to come for a dinner party so I can try them out? :) Hope you all have a great weekend.


Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

Lovely! That yellow bow napkin is SO sweet.

Tiffany said...

I so need this. I always forget the proper way to set a table.

Michelle @ AM Dolce Vita said...

Very useful indeed! I am organizing "A girls' night-in" dinner for my Mom this Sunday so this comes very handy. Thanks for sharing.

Krista @ Nook of Wellington said...

My mum sent my sisters and I to a "craft and etiquette" camp (I'm serious) but a little refresher always helps ;) Gorgeous shots!

Lindsey said...

I am so printing that out today! Such a great resource, as I am so not Emily Post at all, but I do like a nicely set table

Anonymous said...

I love the table setting chart! And of course the lovely tables :)

Like Me Some said...

So that's what I should do with all our corks!! Brilliant!! I love the last setting!! Rustic wood chargers with turquoise!!!

cheryl denise said...

i love fun ideas for place settings - have used the wine cork idea before. thanks for stopping by my blog!

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